Posted by: preemiedad | September 7, 2007


Well, on Wednesday we went to the doctor for Brooke’s 21 week ultrasound. Everything is looking good with our new baby, it is measuring the right sizes and everything. Elliot had a condition called Single Umbilical Artery, but the doctor showed us clearly that the new baby does not. We also saw the head, heart and spine. The baby is looking great!

We also found out the gender, but I’m not allowed to say what it is right now. Elliot’s Preemie Tees is running a 20% off sale this weekend along with a contest to guess the new baby’s gender and due date. If you guess the correct gender and are within two weeks of the due date, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a free order. You don’t have to make an order to enter, you can send your guesses to as well.

So after this weekend, I’ll let everyone know what the winning answers were. We are really happy to be having another baby, but I keep feeling the pressure of our financial situation and I just want it to go away 😦


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